Côte d’Ivoire is a country located in West Africa on the Atlantic in the golf of Guinea. The country borders on Ghana in the east, Burkina and Mali in the north, Guinea and Liberia in the west and the atlantic ocean in the south. Populations from the neighbouring regions such as Burkina, Mali, Guinea, Liberia and Ghana have settled on the territory of Côte d’Ivoire since the 16th century. The country is hence one of the most diverse and multiethnic country in Africa.

o    Surface: 322 000 km2

o    Population: 22.000.000
o    Inhabitant: Ivoirians
o    Capitale city: Yamoussoukro

Carte des 4 familles ethniques...

The multi-ethnicity of Côte d’Ivoire can also be seen in the way of life and the customs from the South to the north. Like the population, the landscape of Côte d’Ivoire is very divers. When travelling from Abidjan (south) to Wangolodougou (far north), you will observe a change in the landscape, from luscious forest to the savana.The population of Côte d’Ivoire consist of 4 big ethnic groups namely Akan, Krou, Mandé and Voltaic. Despite the ethnic diversity and the reams of customs there are many similarities among the different populations from the different regions due to centuries of cohabitation and inter-ethnic alliances. 

What you need to know when visiting Côte D’Ivoire

The Ivorian on every level is very attached to the family and the traditional values. An Ivorian family is to be understood in the large sense. Thus cusins, uncles, aunts, grand parents and the family of their siblings are to be taken into account. Collective life is still very present in the ivorian society.Due to the mix of population coming from the surrounding territories  of Côte d’Ivoire who have populated the country from the 16th century and  the french colonisation. You have a mix of west-African and french culture in Côte d’ivoire. This is more present in big cities than in rural areas where the populations still have a more african way of living. learn more


What is Typical Ivorian

There are more than 60 ethnic groups living in Côte d’Ivoire each with a particular cultural feature. Although the population is very diverse and multifaceted. Your will see in Côte d’Ivoire the Ivorian way of living which is alike no matter where you are in the country.

These similarities are amongst others the attachment to traditions and family or the various celebrations around the country all year around. No matter what their status and ethnical affiliation ivorians like their family and practice their tradition and like celebrating.





Most people feel welcome in Côte d’Ivoire as the populations in the whole country are very hospitable. Besides there are ways of doing which are typical to the country. Learn more