The city of Man is located in the region of the 18 mountains, in the western Côte d’Ivoire. As a cultural stronghold, Man and its surrounding regions offer many festivals and tourists attractions not to miss out while there, for unforgettable moments.

The tourists sites here are close to one another. It is therefore possible to have a tour of many sites. You can have wonderful walks in the forest, climb the mount Nimba the highest mountains in Côte d’Ivoire, covered by a luscious tropical forest, go across the wicker bridge and visit the waterfall and many more.

The mount Tonkpi with it sensational panorama view and the cascade are located 40 km from Man. Two sites to absolutely visit when you are in the region.

To access the mount Tonkpi you will have to take a piste which comes off to the villa of the former governor of the region in the colonial period. A villa with a splendid panoramic view and a beautyful garden which is still very well kept. From there you can access the radio tower on another piste where you have an exceptional panoramic view over the entire surroundings. 3 km from there lies the waterfall. The debit is variable depending on the season changing between impetuous torrent and droppings. You will however be able to swim in a fraiche water at the foot of the waterfall.

On week days the place is less visited compare to weekends. If you want to avoid the crowd it is recommanded to go there on week days.

Another remarquable tourists site is the Tooth of Man. At it summit you will be able to see the neighbouring regions, Liberia and Guinea. It is home to a variety of flowers and species of monkeys.


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