Parks & Nature Reserves

Parks & Nature Reserves

The Ivorian territory benefits from a variety of landscapes in which you can find various flora and fauna. The destination Côte d’Ivoire is ideal for every adept at ecotourism, with it numerous national parks and nature reserves. It has many different beaches, lakes, forests and even savannah. On a safari in the Kafolo Lodge you will discover elephants, hippopotamus and various other animals.

The Tai National Park, the Ehotilé Islands National Park, the Comoé National Park and the Mont Nimba Nature Reserve are all Unesco world heritage sites.

Due to the diversity and the particularity of the nature in Côte d’Ivoire, the territorry is seen as a hot spot for biodiversity. More than 6% of the Ivorian territory is preserved for flora and fauna diversity and conservation. You have 8 Parks, 2 Fauna, 2 Nature Reserves and many other classified forests around the country making a total of approx. 1 864 335 ha.


Azagny National Park  (19 850 ha),

Banco national Park (3 200 ha),

Comoé National Park (1 149 150 ha)

Îles Ehotilé National Park (550 ha),

Marahoué National Park ( 101 000 ha),

Mont Péko NationalPark (34 000 ha),

Mont Sangbé National Park (95 000 ha)

Taï National Park (454 000 ha)

Abokouamékro Fauna Nature Reserve (20 430 ha),

Bandama Fauna Nature Reserve (123 000 ha)

N’zo Nature Reserve (96 000 ha)

Mont Nimba Nature Reserve (5 000 ha)

Lamto Nature Reserve (2 585 ha)