The Seaside


In Côte D’Ivoire no beach equals another 

Côte d’Ivoire has around 550 km of coastline with diverse shapes. In fact from the east to the west coast you will see everything from flat beaches borderd with coconut trees, to beaches with high cliffs and luscious vegetation. The most famous beaches or seaside bathing places are Monogaga, Taki Bay and Serena Bay all in the western part of Côte d’Ivoire. You will surely be welcomed by warm-hearted, friendly and authentic people.

If you love the seaside and the beach with coconut trees and blue Azure Ocean, Côte d’Ivoire offers magnificent beaches and splendid bays which reconcile mobility and inactivity. With more than 550 km of coast and the only African country to benefit from 300.000 hectares of laguna, Côte d’Ivoire is a destination adapted to seaside tourism, giving you also possibilities of nautical sports.

From Abidjan (east coast) to Taaboo (far west coast) you will discover splendid beaches. We recommend you to visit as many beaches as possible as they are all unique and differ from one another. You have opportunities to practice aquatic activities such as surfing, sailing, kitesurfing or fishing.

The Beaches of Assinie

Fascinating images of  people relaxing under coconut trees, blended with the animation of restaurants and souvenir shops along the white fine sandy beaches. Next to the city of Assinie you have the village of Assouindé. This one of the destinations favoured by the Abidjanese (inhabitants of the economic caital Abidjan) and tourists alike because of the beauty of its beaches. Assouindé has very good hotels and tourists facilities. The beaches there are enchanting because of their fine sands, the coconut trees, the peace coming from the waves and the water temperature which is advantageous for bathing all year round. Visitors have the possibility of doing a tour in a pirogue (traditional boat) or in motor boats to visit the surrounding villages.

The Beaches of Grand-Bassam

The fresh beach of Grand-Bassam is an inevitable destination for tourists visiting Côte d’Ivoire. Every weekend it recieves a massive influx of visitors attracted by bathing, nautical sports, fishing and restaurants. As the first capital of Côte d’Ivoire, Grand-Bassam is the city which fascinates it visitors with its rich colonial heritage, its museum of the costumes and its many other craft centres and attractions.                                                                                          

The Beaches of Grand-Lahou

Between the laguna and the estuary of the river Bandama, Grand-Lahou has beautiful shady beaches with many coconut trees. Grand-Lahou is a destination for adepts of sea or laguna fishing as well as ecotourism. A tour in the nature park of Asagny and a visit to the Island of Chimpanzees is a must if you are in the region of Grand-Lahou.

Monogaga Bay

Located between Sassandra and San Pedro, Monogaga is a seaside site covered with coconut trees and fine sands. The site is a natural swimming pool as it is naturally protected enough from the sea. The site is also favourable  for nautical sport and fishing sport.




Sassandra Bay

The beaches of Sassandra are espacially splendid and very authentic. There are on one hand the magnificent bays and on the other hand rocks which make the whole very original.

8 Km from Sassandra, the locality of Dagbégo has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country. The beach in Dagbégo offers the visitor a succession of rocky capes, coves and sand banks. Do not miss out this region and its beaches while touring in Côte d’Ivoire.



The Beach of Grand-Bereby

With its heavenly beach in the form of a hook which ends with pebbles and rocks, Grand-Bereby is a natural jewel. The visitor is caught between surprise and wonder in the sight of the superb bay with nothing to envy the bay of Rio de Janeiro.

Taky Beach
A beautiful seaside site just like Monogaga, Taky is protected by a thick botanical setting. It offers bathing and relaxation.

The Beach of Tabou

Tabou is the last city before Liberia and is located approx. 512 km from Abidjan. The city has sensational beaches due to the presence of a magnificent laguna, the gulf of Guinea and the estuary of the Cavally river. The beaches of Tabou are surrounded by lucious vegatation which make them very favourable for rest and relaxation.