Shopping possibilities

There are several kinds of markets in Côte d’Ivoire. You have the daily markets which are found in bigger agglomerations, cities and towns. In the rural areas and small villages you will find weekly markets. The main sellers there are local farmers and merchants who travel from place to place for trading. Next to these 2 typical African markets you have supermarkets and the minimarkets in cities and towns where you can supply yourself with African and western groceries as well as clothing.

Usually the locals markets and shops or sometimes stalls are nearby and you can find severals in towns and cities around the country.


The Daily Markets

These are usually local markets, a set of stalls with an assortment of groceries. You will also find a range of housekeeping products; a selection of clothes adapted to the climatic conditions of the country but also more and more since the 1990s, second hand clothing. The daily markets are normally open from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm.



Craftwork Markets

There are several craftwork markets across the country. In Abidjan and its agglomeration alone you have many. You will find sculptured objects sold by the artists themselves therefore very authentic. If you are just in Abidjan do not miss out one of the numerous craftwork markets in the city and its surroundings. The CRP of Grand-Bassam, the artisan Route de Bassam, the Craftwork market in Cocody are to name but a few. You will find wonderful souvenirs there to take home with you.

Supermarkets and Shopping Centres

The minimarkets, supermarkets and shopping centres are  exclusively in towns, cities and big agglomerations. You have there a large range of national and international products.