San Pedro and Sassandra are the two main cities on the south-west coast of the Côte d’Ivoire. They have the most original and authentic beaches but are the less visited. Bordered by forests and rocks, very quiet with fine sand and pure air from the surrounding forest, the seaside here is very enchanting. 

San Pedro houses the second harbour and is the transit zone of the Ivorian cocoa. If you are in San Pedro do not miss out the beautiful beach or the “rue des bars” the trendiest street to experience the vibes of the city.


Sassandra houses many colonial vestiges. You have amongst others the wharf, the ancient residencial palace of the governor (colonial period), the monument in homage to a capsized British ship during the 2nd World War, the fishermen pirogues at the market place or on the Sassandra river bank and the spectacular view of the confluence of the river Sassandra.

The Wharf is a unique relic which brings you back into history. In a time when the city was prosperous, flourishing and receiving many fishing boats. Today fishing is mainly artisanal and only practice by locals and Ghanaian fishermen in their colourful rowboats. The fishermen are very interested visitors and always happy to chat. They will tell you about their fishing in the sea. You can furthermore take a walk along the river bank and the beach which can be very animated, when the fishermen are back from their fishing trips.

Not far from the Wharf and the beach where the market is also located, you have the old residence of the governor in the colonial period. The whole is a ruin today but still manifests the bygone splendour of the past. Not far from there you have the monument in homage to a capsized British ship during the 2nd World War. An imposing memorial of 8.5 meters high, 2 meters wide on the base with the list of names. The names are from the 22 British soldiers from the MV Dumana who perished under the torpedo of the U515 on December 24th 1943. There were 169 men in the crew and 130 were saved.


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