In the past and to some extent today oral tradition plays a predominant role in the transmission of knowledge and values from generation to generation. The tale, the most wide spread form of narration, is a mean for education and transmission of traditional, moral and social values which govern African societies. The tale is an instrument for education to teach the fundamental values of the society in Africa!

I still remember the nightime tales of my childhood in the moonlight with my grandmother and her younger sister. I have memories of the fascinating stories and the nights spent around a fire in the moonlight, very enchanting! Tale telling was an integral part of my childhood. As a child I was enthralled by the stories told to us. Tale night usually took place at the weekend or almost every night during the holidays. It was a moment for me to plunge myself into the captivating world of infinite possibilities where animals could talk and live in harmony with mankind.


African  Proverbs

One who spits in the air should expect drops on their face
Do not cut the branch you are sitting on
The wooden piece in the water will never transform to a cayman
The right hand washes the left and vice versa – give and you will receive
The hand which gives is higher than the one which receives

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